Really … It’s Raining?

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Dear Journal,

We finally got some much needed rain here in O.C. / L.A., which is nice for a change. The only thing I despise about it is that I’m stuck in my apartment during the weekend or traffic is a nightmare during the weekdays.

Anyway, I was driving home Monday night when I get a text from this guy I used to work with. It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken to him and found it peculiar that he text me.

So I got back to my apartment and replied asking how he was, apparently he has “time” now and wanted to hangout. He called when I was eating dinner and we talked for a little bit.

Bottom line he wanted some advice on school and finding a job. We continued talking and made plans to grab dinner on Saturday. 

I was hesitant about it because it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other. That awkwardness of not seeing him for awhile would be there, where the only thing we could do is reminisce.

Because I can’t really talk about the present since he only exists in my past, and not the present.

He wouldn’t know why I wanted to buy a house, or how work is going, or where my sister was. (I think she’s going to Vegas this week, mom and I don’t really know the exact day, which is sad.)

The only thing we still have in common was that we used to work together, that it feels like that’s the only reason we’re friends.

It’s almost like reading a book, putting it down for a couple of years, and picking where you last left off. For some it’s easy to do continue without feeling that there was a break, but for most it’s not that easy.

———- ———-

Anyway, Saturday came and it was pouring in the morning, I wasn’t sure if he wanted to still grab dinner. He called around noon and said he was still up for it.

We ate at a restaurant near my apartment and as usual I was early. It was freezing while I was waiting outside for him, reminds me that I should get a thicker jacket. He finally arrived and I forget he has a unique way of walking.

We went in and got seated immediately. We ordered soup and a main dish, but saw that it wasn’t going to be enough for the both of us. I asked the server for the menu and we ordered an appetizer, but I could tell he was still hungry.

During dinner we talked about school and him finding a job. It feels like he doesn’t exactly know what he wants yet, and wanted answers from me.

But I can’t do that, it’s his life and the only thing I can do is offer another viewpoint or offer some suggestions.

There were some silent moments, which was uncomfortable to be in, so I thought of some random things to discuss. Again we reminisced about our old job and the people there:

  • How these two co-workers after quitting, somehow still got a job together.
  • How this lady I worked with was doing.
  • And how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

When dinner was over, he wanted to do something like get coffee.

But he doesn’t know I don’t drink coffee, so I asked if he wanted to stop by my apartment for a little bit instead.

After arriving I knew he was still hungry, so I asked if he wanted apples. We watched some television and talked a little bit more (well more like lack of talking).

Somehow he got onto the topic of why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and why people continue to ask him about it. His response was, “I know why, but I just don’t want to tell you guys.”

During that moment I was thinking in my mind, “Oh gee golly, don’t come out or anything to me right now.”

So he said it was getting late and I let him know if he needed anything, just ask. The odd thing was when I said that he replied with, “oh anything?”

I’m like yeah, anything like with school or if you needed someone to look over your resume. I could tell he meant something else by his face as he walked out my apartment.

Anyway, I woke up around 03:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom and went back to my bed. Apparently my new neighbor likes to stay up in the wee morning and play club music.

Seriously!? People need sleep .. and I don’t need my bedroom to sound like a club. How would they like it if my alarm came blazing on at 05:50 a.m. .. wait .. that’s what’s going to happen tomorrow morning, lqtm.

What? That’s what time I wake up and I need my alarm loud. 

– A


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