A Season Of Giving

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Dear Journal,

Well I celebrated Christmas early with my parents today, I thought they were leaving on Monday. After talking to mom, they’re actually leaving on Tuesday, but still coming back Christmas day.

As I got to their house, I unloaded my laundry and went to talk to mom and dad for a little bit. My sister sat playing the Gameboy I brought back for her:

Me: Do you want your Christmas gift now?

Sister: What ….. you bought something?

Me: Yeah .. well it’s actually for the entire family (as I was walking to my bedroom)

Sister: So you bought ….

Me: What!? I didn’t buy you a car? (I wasn’t sure what she said, but it sounded like “car”)

Sister: Well duh, I know you didn’t buy a car .. what did you get?

I went to my car to get the Wii Fit, anticipation and excitement was building up in me. As I walked into the house smiling, my sister saw it, her eyes lit up with a wide grin …..

She called mom letting her know what I got. Mom literally was jumping up and down laughing because she really wanted this apparently, as she approached to give me a hug.

Dad came bustling in wondering what all the commotion was about. Everyone was happy, you could see their faces light up with joy … as cheesy as it may sound ….. that was my Christmas gift right there.

Seeing them ecstatic and their expressions … it just made me feel great.

We opened it up and sis went to set everything up. If you ever get the chance to play Wii Fit, it’s a fun game and you really do get a workout out of it, nothing compared to the gym though, but still.

It was hilarious when dad was trying to  do pushup’s … he told everyone that it was “easy”, but he couldn’t do one and we started laughing at him. Though he did remind us who was number 1 at Wii Bowling though, one day .. I’ll take that spot dad, ha!

We went out for lunch after my laundry finished. When we came back, I had to fix something on my dad’s computer. I found the problem, he doesn’t have admin access, only I do.

The bad thing is, I don’t remember what my admin password is, so I’m trying to find a way to hack into my own computer, ha! If anyone knows an easy way, please comment, thanks!

“Mom, I have to bring turtle to my apartment since you guy’s will be gone”, I reminded her.

“Oh don’t worry about him, it’s only 3 days, he’ll be fine without food”, she said.

“Mom. are you serious, he’s going to starve .. I’ll take him back. If you could ask dad to clean his aqaurium before I leave though”, I asked her.

She said okay and reminded dad to clean it later in the afternoon. As I’m writing this post, he’s making so much noise, I told him he’s being a naughty boy; even though he has no ears to hear me, well actually he’s sleeping now.

So my parents suggested I give my neighbors something for Christmas; since they were nice enough to bring food for me during the summer. For some reason I was nervous to hand them the gift.

I was tense as I walked out of my door, luckily I saw their son coming back into their apartment.

“Hey, are your parents home by any chance? I wanted to give them this”, I said cautiously. “Oh yeah they’re home” as he walked into the apartment calling his mom.

I waited outside apprehensively as she came out, I handed her the gift and she gave me an awkward hug, basically I tapped her back lightly, haha.

We spoke a little about what we’re doing for the holiday’s and she gave me some homemade cookies.

I graciously thanked her and went back into my apartment. A couple of minutes later she handed me a bag of apples and potatoes. The apples I can cut up and eat for snack at work, but the potatoes … I rarely eat potatoes. I feel bad for throwing them out, but my mom suggested giving them to my grandmother.

All in all it was a wonderful day spending time with my family.

I just need to find out from mom what my relatives are doing for Christmas, don’t want to be alone the entire day now.

No wonder more people commit sucide and have depression during this time of the year.

– A


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An Early Christmas Capricorn Unite

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