Holiday Musings (Odd’s and End’s)

December.13.2008 at 11:51 pm 2 comments

Dear Journal,

The holiday’s are upon us, mall’s are packed with people hunting down that perfect gift, it’s freezing here in L.A. (well I think so), and Christmas lights are abundant throughout neighborhoods.

So onto some holiday musings …..

I recently found out that my parents and sister are taking a 3 day trip to Vegas during the week of Christmas. Which means I’ll be alone on Christmas Day.

They’re coming back in the evening, but I’m not sure when. So the plan is to be in my apartment alone during the day, then see what my relatives are doing in the evening.

A friend offered to spend some time during the day if they weren’t busy. I chuckled and said it was all right and to be with their family.

The only reason they’re going is because mom found out from her friend that the trip would be free *rolls eyes*. But there are some caveats to it though, which is partly why I chose not to go. I mean did they really have to go? I wanted to actually spend time with them on Christmas, they better at least win something, haha.

My co-worker’s close friend was a guy I use to work with, they hung out at a motorcycle show this past weekend.  I’m pleasantly surprised that they still see / talk to each other, despite both of them being busy.

Anyway, I found out that he was let go from his company. I was telling my co-worker that it sucked to have lost his job during the holiday’s. Couldn’t they have at least waited until the New Year?

For some reason, he was happy that he was let go, which both my co-worker and I found odd. My co-worker was saying that he hasn’t taken vacation since he started, which was almost 2 years ago.

His plan is to take 3 – 4 months off before going back into the workforce, plus his girlfriend is probably happy since they get some vacation time together ….. finally.

My co-worker recently bought Wii Fit (which I’ve been hunting down for my sister and apparently my mom wants it too). I quickly asked where he got it hoping I could lay my hands on one.

I called Best Buy before leaving work to see if they had any in stock, luckily they did and was able to hold one for me. So I drove to the City of Industry to go get it, traffic wasn’t bad surprisingly.

Forty minutes later I finally arrived and went to pick it up, carrying the box itself is a workout. Who knew it was so heavy!?

I can’t wait to give it to my sister  and mom for their Christmas present, I’m really excited and hope she loves it. My sister keeps dropping hints or mentions it when we talk, so I’m hoping it’s something she’ll enjoy, can’t wait to give it to them!

Plus she doesn’t expect it, so it’ll be a surprise. I absolutely love surprising people, but not the other way around because it’s something unexpected which I’m not use to.

My sister recently went to San Francisco with a close friend to surprise one of her best friends for her birthday. She told mom that they were flying up there so she wouldn’t worry about them.

So they drove all the way up there on Friday, surprised her (and somehow spent $500 on dinner accidently) and drove back on Sunday.

It was funny because my sister got a call from her friend’s mom. She was thanking my sister and the other friend for surprising her daughter and was saying how lucky she was to have friends like them.

My sister felt odd because of her mom calling, but it was generous of her to say that though, I was laughing when she was telling me this.

I’ve been thinking about taking vacation after the new year’s. I feel a little burnt out and don’t remember the last time I took at least a week off to relax.

As I looked at my Work Calendar, I haven’t taken vacation since last December. I’ve only taken a day or two after that, so no wonder I’m starting to feel exhausted.

Anyway so “C” and I still kind of chat, even though I still don’t feel anything towards him. I really do see him as just an acquaintance for now, nothing more. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie this weekend, but I have some errands I need to run.

And I don’t really feel like watching Milk. When I first heard the title I thought it  was some gay porn film … I mean come on. All I heard was something about gay and the title .. 

So if you piece them together … haha.

– A


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“C”‘ing Star’s An Early Christmas

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Awake In Rochester  |  December.19.2008 at 10:46 am

    Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas!

  • 2. - A  |  December.19.2008 at 10:25 pm

    Thank You! I hope you have a wonderful holiday .. stay warm though! Would probably freeze in N.Y. .. 🙂


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