A Loooong (Island Ice Tea) Day

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Dear Journal,

After a recent Vegas trip, I made a promise to not have a drink for awhile. Well that went out the window once I had a sip of my co-workers delicious Long Island Ice Tea!!!!

Me: What are you drinking?

Co-Worker: I don’t know, I asked the bartender to make a drink with a lot of alcohol. You wanna try?

Me: Ummm … well I shouldn’t … ummm, oh okay sure *takes sip*. It’s pretty good, what is it?

Co-Worker: A Long Island Ice Tea. You look like you want one … coooome on .. let’s go get you one!!

Me: Oh .. oh okay ….. LET’S GO TO THE BAR!!!!

Apparently the bartender made mine a taaad strong … it was 3/4 alcohol and 1/4 “ice tea”. You know how it’s suppose to be “brownish”? Well mine was clear with a minuscule tint of brown.

As I was sipping it, another co-worker asked what I was drinking, “A Long Island Ice Tea!!”. She got the same thing because “it sounded good”.

Well I was beyond buzzed .. I was nearing drunkenness .. again, it was so strong. I don’t remember much of that night … I do remember saying, “Cheers!!” to a couple of people and toasting their glasses randomly.

This was how I saw everything, lol

I was extremely tired afterwards, thankfully I carpooled with this other guy. I slept a little while we drove back. When we got to my car, I wanted to just sleep … my eyes felt like 50 lbs. weights.

I don’t remember how I got back to my apartment … well I do, but I’m not going to write about it. Let’s just say I was going to call a friend to keep me awake while I drove, but decided not to.

After a long day I finally got back to my apartment, I thought I was fine … I took a shower .. turned on the television and was getting ready to watch ….. when I passed out.

An hour and a half later I awoke on my couch wondering how I got home .. what time it was .. and where I was, lol.

My head was spinning, with a throbbing headache … I drank some water, ate something small and got ready for bed.

The next thing I remember it was morning and I said to myself, “No more drinking!”

I think people at work now know the difference between professional, quiet me and the buzzed/drunk sarcastic loud me. Not doing that again …..

Honestly, what am I doing with my life? I would think after getting drunk and passing out in Vegas was enough, but it wasn’t … was it?

Drinking now for me isn’t just getting a buzz, is it? It’s being able to feel something … anything and not care about who I pretend to be.

But really … why I am suddenly drinking more?

I am thankful I live by myself now, because if my parents saw me drunk … damn … not a good thing.

– A


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