The Spotlight Turns To Notebooks

October.13.2008 at 11:46 am 2 comments


Dear Journal,

It’s that time again … another Apple event and my anticipation is at its max. Come tomorrow at 10:00 pst, we’ll hopefully see updated MacBook’s and MacBook Pro’s.

So Gizmodo did a rumor roundup for tomorrow’s event … I’ve listed the ones we’ll most likely see (well I hope we do).

  • Newly designed MacBook’s, while the MacBook Pro’s will probably look the same with slight modifications.
    • I’ve read rumors where the MacBook’s will get an aluminum casing like their older, mature sibling the MacBook Pro or they’ll still have a plastic outer casing with an aluminum inner frame.
  • Apple’s going to dump Intel and use NVIDA’s MCP79 chipset in their MacBook’s. Guess the integrated graphics on Intel’s chipset couldn’t handle it.
  • Possible update to the MacBook Air (i.e., Speed bumps, hard drive increase??)
  • A MacBook price point of $800-$900?? (Maybe, but I doubt it)

There are other rumors floating about, but I think these are the legit ones, especially seeing the “leaked” photos that were posted.

So let’s all gather around our computers, go to your favorite tech stie to view the presentation, and start refreshing the screen like no other.

Oh oh … I wonder if they’ll finally release iPhone firmware 2.2 … it feels like they’re still beta testing though. So most likely they won’t, don’t really have high expectations for it though … all eyes are going to be on those loveable notebooks.

If it’s worth it .. I may sell my existing MacBook and get the new one … well maybe … *smirks*

– A


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Don’t Think Just Do Time With the Parents

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  • 1. Awake In Rochester  |  October.19.2008 at 2:45 pm

    Do you think you will sell your MacBook?

    I never had a Mac before. I don’t know much about computers, but was told to get a PC because “Macs & PCs are not compatible & most people have PCs.”

    Ok, so what is the difference between a Mac & a PC?

    I have an old computer that I bought in 2001. It is very slow.

  • 2. - A  |  October.19.2008 at 9:18 pm

    Right now I’m very tempted .. but I alway get like this though, :). I’m going to wait for the reviews to come out and also something else I’m concerned about.

    Otherwise I’ll probably end up selling it.

    They were incompatible before, but these day’s you can run Windows with a Mac using a program called Bootcamp or Parallel’s.

    Difference huh? For me it’s based on preference … some people love Apple and some just can’t get use to them.

    You should go into an Apple store or BestBuy if you’re interested! Play around with it and see if it’s something you may be interested about. If you go to any of the stores you can ask any of the sales associates there questions.

    I was at an Apple store for over an hour asking the sales associate questions and he was VERY helpful. 😀


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