Cause You’re My Homie

October.1.2008 at 4:31 pm 2 comments

Dear Journal,

As I slowly got out of the car to head into my apartment … I hear guy’s arguing not far from me. I look around to see where the commotion was coming from.

I pinpoint the noise and see that it’s coming from my neighbors … specifically their son and his friends. They’re sitting outside on the porch arguing with each other.

Cautiously and hesitatingly, I walk up the stairs hoping they don’t start a physical altercation between them. As they see me approaching, they quiet down for a brief second.

I see three of them, but only two of them are arguing … the third sits there silently, interjecting his comments at appropriate moments.

As I was opening my apartment door, I tried listening to what their argument was about. All I knew at that point was every other sentence ended with the word, “Fool”.

Anyways I went in and they started arguing again. So I took a shower thinking they would stop because they saw me. Oh know .. that was just the beginning …..

As I got out of the shower, I could hear them arguing still.

So I went about my business and started to prepare dinner. I eventually got curious and decided to listen in and hear what the commotion was about. It wasn’t like I could avoid it, they were right outside my porch.

I had have the t.v. volume higher than normal to drown them out. So there were 3 kids … Guy 1 (The “Real” Guy) … Guy 2 (The “Little Kid” or “The Little Bitch”) … and Guy 3 (The “Quiet One”)

Apparently the entire argument started with something stupid; that Guy 2 was talking “shit behind” Guy 1’s back.

Guy 1: You’re such a little bitch fool! Because you constantly argue, you’re such a little bitch because of that!

Guy 2: If I’m such a bitch, why are you hanging out with me then!? (yeah, I think he started to tear up or was on the verge of crying from the tone of his voice).

Guy 1: Because you’re my homie (apparently this means close friend) and it’s cool to hang out with you sometimes fool. It’s just that you act like a fucking little kid sometimes. Even you’re mom and grandmother say’s so!!

Guy 2 started to get upset because Guy 1 brought family into the conversation.

Guy 2: That’s fucking messed up, why’d you bring family into this dog?

Guy 1 started to talk about how Guy 2 should listen to his parents because they’ve known him “all his life”.

That the things they tell him are meant to be good for him; that they do it because they care.

Then Guy 2 asked why Guy 1 was calling him “a bitch” (which I don’t understand either) and “a little kid” (which again I don’t understand).

Guy 1: Because I’m “real” (which I think means honest or genuine) like that dog … because other people say the same thing about you, but behind your back. You’re my homie so of course I’m going to tell you.

I’m not the type of guy who’s all smiles in front of you or tell you your my homie and start talking trash behind your back fool.

Like if you got drunk fool, I would fucking help you because you’re my homie. If you wanted to go to the park and smoke, I would go because you’re my homie fool.

I’m telling you all this because you’re my homie. I tell you these things because you might not know about it or you fucking ignore it. I don’t want you to act like a dumbass in front of people, so that’s why I tell you. You’ve got to stop acting like a little kid.

I am not even exaggerating how many times they used the words: fool, homie, and dog.

So they continued talking and working things out. “That homies sometimes argue with one another and tell things to each other that they may not want to hear.”

Anyways, they started talking about a mutual friend they don’t trust because he’s friendly when they’re around. But starts talking “shit” behind their back. Eventually they all left to my dismay.

I know this wasn’t funny, but I was holding back from laughing out loud the entire time. It was hilarious to me because there conversation could have been on the show, “The Hills“.

So when my co-worker came in this morning I asked him, “Hey, so do guys usually argue about their friendships?”

“Not really”, he said. So I told him what happened and he started to laugh about it too.

But seriously, I’m happy they worked things out.

Just next time if they could do it somewhere else. And if they want to smoke, go somewhere else also because I hate the second hand smoke that wafts into my apartment.

– A


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  • 1. Awake In Rochester  |  October.7.2008 at 11:47 am

    The neighbors do that with me too. They sometimes talk right outside my window. I hate it when then smoke. Once in awhile I ask them to quiet down. But they usually don’t care. Lucky the loudest neighbor moved out. Now it is sooo much more peaceful here.

  • 2. - A  |  October.7.2008 at 3:56 pm

    That’s one thing that people have to deal with for apartment living, very close neighbors, lol.

    But it’s something we all have to get use to though, like it or not.


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