Magic Mountain and Catching Up

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Dear Journal,

As I was sitting in my apartment yesterday, I was remembering this hill near grandma’s house. It felt like a roller coaster when we drove through it.

When my sister and I were small, my mom would always say, “Magic Mountain!!!”, whenever she started to drive down the hill. We would always laugh and be thrilled for this short burst of excitement.

I mean come on … both of us couldn’t even go on a roller coaster at that age. So it felt like our own personal thrill ride whenever we visited grandma.

Anyways … it’s weird having my sister live in San Diego again. It was nice having her here because I always had someone to hang out or run errands with.

She would occasionally come to my apartment and just hang out (e.g., watch television or play with the Gameboy). It was nice having someone over … even if it was my siser.

So she’s busier now with Grad School, so I can’t call her as often. She has time usually around 08:00 at night, so I’ll call and see how she’s doing. She’s getting use to living with her new roommates now.

It was awkward at first when they moved in because all the other girls seem to click right away. So she felt like the “outsider” because they had more in common. I asked if they try and include her in things, and she say’s they do.

Like they always go to the gym, so my sister goes with them sometimes. I could tell by the tone in her voice that she’s still not use to it though, despite what she told me. I hope things work out for her because it sucks to have crappy roommates.

They all seem nice and perky when I met them, but you never know by first impressions.

Anyways, I was watching “The Hills” and Audrina and Lauren were finally talking about the state of their friendship.

How Lauren felt like she’s trying so hard to be Audrina’s friend, but getting nothing in return. That Audrina stopped caring and lost interest in their friendship.

Audrina replies back saying she’s felt like Lauren never really listens to what she has to say. That Lauren doesn’t have the same interests, so she hasn’t invited her to shows.

Lauren says she would go just to spend time with her friend and be, “awkwardly bobbing my head at the weird shows”.  

They talk a little about how Lauren’s been inviting Audrina to dinners or to just hang out, and that Audrina doesn’t really do any of the inviting.

They both cry and hug at the end with black mascara running down Lauren’s face. Ummm .. I don’t think real life works like this … but still I wish it did sometimes.

How stupid of me to find this show addictive and but I love watching it though, haha.

Damn, did you know it’s almost October? Can’t believe how fast time flies … it’ll either be a great month … or a month I lose someone in my life again.

It’s kind of like getting a shot, you just want it and hope to quickly recover from the pain.

I’ll talk to you later Journal.

– A






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