Dinner With “The Twins”

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I think when you care about a friend enough, you’ll always try and make that extra effort.

Like being there when they need you (even though they might not admit it), going out and playing a game of football, or just having dinner and catching up on life.

As for me, it’s about opening up and talking about my life (instead of someone asking me constantly), dwelling less in the past, and trusting my friends (because sometimes they give me reasons not to).

One thing I’m currently working on is asking my friend Nat to hang out, instead of her always asking me. In the past she was the one asking all the time, while I only did it maybe once or twice.

So I decided maybe ….. just maybe, I should reciprocate the favor. I mean if she cared enough to take time out, why couldn’t I?

Which leads me into the dinner I had with “The Twins”, a.k.a. my friends Nat and Reina (which is an inside joke for myself).

They’re the best of friends … they’re literally together 24/7 … they know what’s going with each other (personal and family lives) … and can’t be separated even with the Jaws of Life.

Knowing them they probably have the utmost respect for one another and each other’s back. That’s one thing that bugs me … when friends don’t really stick up for one another.

So I MySpace’d her last week asking when she might have time to hang out. She text’s me on Monday saying maybe this week, but she needs to check her schedule.

After finding out, we decide to meet at 06:30 p.m. at the Brea Mall.

I left work at 06:00 p.m. thinking the 60 W wouldn’t be too bad … which I was gravely mistaken. She called when I was in traffic asking where I wanted to eat, we decided Red Robin’s.

I find parking and slowly walk into the mall hoping I find them easily. Fortunately as I was about to sit down on a bench, I saw them in “Forever 21” and went to greet them.

Reina was peepy as usual, but Nat looked tired and didn’t really want to be there *rolls eyes*.

Anyways we sat down and ordered. It was awkward talking to her and there were moments that I felt uncomfortable. It felt like she honestly had something else to do.

The conversation wasn’t flowing at all … she told me about her new job working with Autistic children, she told me about going on vacation in a couple of months, and that was kind of it.

She asked how I was, how I’m adjusting to living alone, and any news on my dating life *sighs*.

Part of the awkwardness was due to Nat and Reina being close … they would go off sometimes about what’s happening with them. Which was weird because I felt left out at times.

At times it feels like I’m making an effort, but she doesn’t really care anymore. So I’m thinking the next time she wants to hang out, I’ll probably let her do it.

She asked if I could take Reina home before dinner because she wanted to do something with her mom. It was on my way so I said I didn’t mind. The bad thing was I had to go to my parents house to pick a package up.

We finished dinner and left, with me and Reina in tow. Thankfully she likes to talk so we didn’t have many silent moments during the ride.

Our conversation entailed why both of us are single still and that are time will come. I was joking with her that she’ll find a man before I do.

Maybe it’s just me … but I think in the gay community you’re judge by your looks first THEN personality. Which kind of sucks.

So I dropped her off after picking up the package up from my parent’s. After a long day I just wanted to play with this game thing I ordered.

What was ironic was that when I turned on my Nintendo DS, it was low on batteries. Which meant I couldn’t play at all, why did my sister choose to play with it this week? Of all weeks …..

In the end, we do things for our friends because the bottom line is we care about them. Even if at times we don’t show it … it’s those rare moments when you see or hear them say it aloud.

Those are the best and most unforgettable moments you can ever have.

– A


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