Deep Breaths .. Deep Breaths

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These past weeks I’ve been trying to jog around the area at apartment. I’ve mapped out a route which is a mile long, the bad thing is I can finish it in 20 minutes by walking (a.k.a. “Power Walking”).

I have long legs which is why I finish so quickly; so today I decided to take an alternate and longer route. The only negative aspect to it is that I go onto major roads (specifically Valley View and Lincoln), which is quite loud. So if you see some guy jogging oddly .. that would be me!

I don’t like going onto major roads because I can barely hear the music playing on my iPhone; all you hear are cars passing by. Even though I could use a treadmill (which a buddy of mine says is better because there is less stress placed on your knees, etc.)

Anyways, I’ve calculated the amount of time I jog compared to the time I walk. It’s not good to say the least … 

  • Total Time Jogging: 5 – 7 Minutes
  • Total Time Walking: 15 – 20 Minutes

As you can see … not an ideal time. My initial goal right now is to be able to jog continuously for at least 10 minutes and progress from there. My plan is to start slow, then start slowly building up …..

I usually warm-up by walking for 5 – 10 minutes and then I start jogging. I stop at certain points on my route, even if I’m my legs are feeling like they’re burning. I’m trying to learn to breathe properly.

Google tells me to inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth. Please feel free to let me know if there’s a better technique though. I’ve been meaning to join a gym, but haven’t found any good specials for far.

Well .. in reality I have but I kept waiting and waiting, which was a mistake. Because I found one a couple of weeks ago … it was $200 or something for a year, which boiled down to $22/month. Which is decent … but I thought there would be a better special and waited.

The new route was nice … it was ~ 35-40 minutes. I didn’t time how much I jogged, but it was probably around 7 – 8 minutes hopefully. I hope to keep this routine up and fit it into my work schedule, which is difficult at times.

If any of you guy’s have tips .. please feel free to comment. F.Y.I. … you don’t need to provide your email address to comment.

– A


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