My $400 Paperweight

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I woke up excited because it’s finally D-Day … the launch of the 3G iPhone and Firmware 2.0. Before I left my apartment I checked MacRumors to see if Apple “officially” released the firmware.

To my surprise they did, since Friday traffic isn’t usually bad, I was thinking to myself, “Go ahead and download it .. you know you want to, plus you won’t be able to concentrate at work because of it”

So I quickly turned my MacBook on and started downloading it like all the millions of people out there. Ummm .. that was a big mistake on my part … I was too impatient and impulsive.

I started the download process a little before 07:00 a.m. … the download took about 20 minutes and it started installing. It was nearing 08:00 a.m. and I needed to get to work because I had things to do.

It was done installing and I think it needed to re-activate my phone. It was taking awhile so I jumped onto one of the forums and people were having the same problems as me.

Later when I got into work, I found out that their servers crashed and people were unable to continue with the update process.

THAT right there is the problem I’m having …too many people trying to activate / upgrade their phones.

Ummm … Apple … can we please maybe get more servers? It’s not like you didn’t expect this would happen … AGAIN!

So since my iPhone hasnt’ been RE-ACTIVATED … I basically have a $400 paper weight sitting next to me. I cannot do anything with it .. no calls .. no texts .. nada .. zilch … which makes me a sad Panda.

This is basically what I’m seeing right now …


For my IM status at work, I wrote a little blurb about what happened. My co-workers THOUGHT that I went out and purchased the new iPhone when they came into my cube because of what I wrote.

I could see their faces of eagerness turn to disappointment when they just saw the original iPhone. I think everyone here at work is going iPhone crazy!!

I’m still conflicted about getting it or not … the only thing holding me back it the increase of the dataplan … $15 extra. That would mean I would have to cut back on certain things in my budget … damn it!!

My co-worker who has an iPod Touch was eager to update his firmware .. but alas .. no access to servers means no update. He was just as annoyed as I am right now.

Damn it … stupid Apple … look at what you’ve done. Because of all the hype that was created my iPhone is now a useless brick keeping my work papers in place, lol. Just joking Apple .. I love you .. just hurry up and fix this problem please.

– A


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