My New Way of Talking

June.30.2008 at 10:12 pm 6 comments

So for those of us living in California … yup … tomorrow is the day that we are required BY LAW to use a hands free device. 

You can find more info HERE.

My co-worker did some investigation into the law and he said that you can use your speaker phone feature. Yeah I know it’s going to be awkward speaking, but hey … it’ll probably be my new way of talking, ha! 

Hopefully this law will improve the already dangerous roadway’s here in L.A. … I mean we already have enough crazy drivers as it is. 

– A


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  • 1. Tara  |  July.1.2008 at 6:24 am

    I wish Ohio would embrace that law. Most of the time now, whenever I get cut-off in traffic, or someone roams off in front of me without using their signals, I notice they’ve got a cellphone attached to their ear. Grr.

    I’m too nervous about talking on the phone while driving. I tried it once, but couldn’t concentrate on both activities.

  • 2. - A  |  July.1.2008 at 8:43 pm

    I’m glad we still have responsible drivers like you!! Hopefully this new law will bring down the reckless driving here in L.A.

  • 3. Cat  |  July.2.2008 at 4:19 am

    We have a law like that in NJ.. it used to be that you’d only get a ticket if you were pulled over for something else.. now they can pull you over just for the phone.

    I’m glad they have laws like this, I never quite feel safe on the road =s

  • 4. - A  |  July.2.2008 at 11:31 pm

    Haha … I think I’m just use to having crazy drivers in L.A. .. it’s part of the lifestyle.

  • 5. Awake In Rochester  |  July.4.2008 at 6:52 pm

    I could hear a women that was walking on the sidewalk, talking with her boyfriend. I was crossing the parking lot at work, and almost got hit by a car. I heard the women say over the cell phone.

    “NO! That was not a deer, you almost ran over a person!”

    Seems he was talking on the cell phone to his girlfriend & thought I was a deer. Ekk! I’m all for hands free devices.

  • 6. - A  |  July.4.2008 at 10:05 pm

    I’m glad that you’re all right. I HATE drivers who are like that because they become careless … case in point.


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