My Mom’s New Addiction

June.29.2008 at 10:22 pm 2 comments

I’ve written before how my sister’s old Dell 4600 computer died last year because of the hard drive. I finally got around fixing it because my mom asked about it. You see my parents are currently taking this, “Intro to Computer” course during the weekday’s.

They’ve been learning simple things I take for granted, like typing, e-mail, turning on a computer, and browsing the Internet. She wanted a computer of her own so she could practice the topics she learned in class.

Anyways, I bought a hard drive on and prayed that it wouldn’t be a hassle to install because I’ve never done it before.

So I went last weekend to install it … there were a couple of problems … but it went pretty successfully. I was talking to my co-worker about this, when you re-installed Windows NONE of the drivers get installed. 

Which means when I turned on the computer, it couldn’t access the Ethernet card, it couldn’t access the modem, it couldn’t access the sound card, and it couldn’t access the video card either. It took an hour or so for me to go online and find all the drivers required.

Ummm .. by the way Dell .. finding those drivers weren’t that intuitive.

Gosh I hate Windows … if it were my Mac everything would have been working already. After finding the drivers I had to update and get SP 2 … damn Windows!! After that I had to install a Firewall, a Virus Scanner, and a Anit-Spyware program .. another reason to hate Windows!!

I was joking around with a couple of co-workers, because they know I love Apple, “Once you go Mac, you don’t go back.”

Okay so to the topic at hand … I asked her to use it because I wanted to make sure the hard drive was all right and also wanted her to get some practice as well.

I had lunch with my parents today and while we were eating, my father was joking around that my mom was spending too much time on the Internet.

Dad: You were on the computer for almost 2 hours.

Mom: No .. yesterday .. more like an hour.

Dad: No .. we got home around 12 and you didn’t get off the computer until 2 in the afternoon. Pshhh .. and you tell me that I stay online too much.

Mom: *Laughs* .. Oh .. well it’s because I was listening to my music.

Sister: You see she watches Youtube and listens to songs online.

Me: What, you’re kidding right. *As I look and laugh at my mom*

Mom: What? I like watching my shows. Oh oh .. I finally found this show I’ve been searching for.

Sister: How did you find it?

Mom: Well I just kept clicking and clicking …..

So I think my mom found a new addiction … the Internet … and I’m glad she’s enjoying it. I was telling my co-worker that when I was setting up her email, she was clicking every link. I was like, “No mom .. those are just ad’s .. you shouldn’t click on them.”

“Oh okay …”, as she continued clicking away on the ad’s. I was thinking of getting my parents an iMac once they’ve learned the basics, but think it would be confusing since the OS would be completely different. 

My mom’s so funny .. I can’t believe she watches Youtube and her “stories” (a.k.a these soap-opera drama’s she watches). I think my Crush was right that my relationship with my parents would change … it feels different when I’m with them now.

It feels more cohesive … there’s less tension and hate from my part … it finally feels like we’re a family … well to a certain degree. There’s still a lot of work to do, but it’s getting there though.

On a side note .. I just bought these sleeping shorts at Target and just love them because they feel cooler than my other shorts I wear at my apartment. And yes .. that is my semi-flabby stomach … haha.


– A


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  • 1. Tara  |  June.30.2008 at 6:48 am

    I’ve got Mike Birbiglia’s comedy on my mind since I just saw him in concert, so reading about your parents learning the computer reminded me of a story he was telling about how his parents are not skilled with computers at all. He said they opened up an email from a stranger that had a porn virus attached to it. Even though he was finally able to get rid of the virus for them, they put the computer in the corner with the screen facing the wall as if the computer had done something bad. Cracked me up.

    That is so cool you’re mom has found the YouTube universe. Just don’t let her get a MySpace account. That’s a scary place.

    PS: Nice sleep shorts!

  • 2. - A  |  June.30.2008 at 9:15 am

    Haha .. that’s funny .. poor computer .. it didn’t even do anything wrong. Oh I know … she shouldn’t be near MySpace at all .. lol

    Thanks … love the shorts too!


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