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June.9.2008 at 9:33 am 2 comments

This weekend was nice because I got to hang out with a couple of my friends, which is always interesting and fun to do. It was great catching up with them and seeing how they are.

On Friday my buddy James and his girlfriend stopped by my apartment, which was nice of them to do. Even though he thinks it’s plain and boring … which is partially true. Sounds like he won’t be coming back anytime soon.

Yeah I’m gay, but it doesn’t mean I need to deck out my place with modern, chic furniture. Plus I don’t know where I’ll be living next, so i didn’t want to waste all this money on furniture I might be selling or donating away later.

it’s going to take some time, but I’m slowly adding little personal touches here and there, it’s just going to take time.

I want to buy things … but these day’s money’s tight … especially gas prices. I was just getting over the shock of hitting $4.00 and now some places are reaching $5.00 … the shit is that? When is that gas bubble going to pop?

Photo Credit: Autospies

Anyways, it was great to have them come by for a bit .. it was nice to have someone there … to talk to … to hang out with … to not be alone. I can’t thank them enough for that.

Source: Pixarblog

We got to go on the new attraction, Toy Story Mania with a couple of other friends … it was such a fun attraction. The basic permise of it is:

Riders, wearing 3-D glasses, board vehicles that career through an old-fashioned carnival midway, operated by characters from the popular “Toy Story” film franchise. Vehicles stop at game booths — 56 giant screens programmed with 3-D animation from Pixar — and riders play virtual-reality versions of classic carnival games.

– Source: NYTimes

They’ve already been on it several times, so I wasn’t expecting a very high score at all. Surprisingly … out of the 4 of us … I had the highest. Which shocked me because my buddy James usually beats me at everything … I think we’re pretty competitive at times … at times though.

He was Player 1 and I was Player 2 … we were close … very close as you can see. He was joking with me that there’s no evidence that shows I won, lol. I think if we ever go next time, he’ll probably beat my ass.

My friend Nat was having a BBQ the next day … I had lunch with James before going because the BBQ was in the afternoon and thought maybe we could hang out before it.

It’s just different talking to him in person, than IM’ing him … I guess it’s because you get to see his reaction and he’s physically there. Out of the 2 years that I’ve know him, it was weird (but in a good way) when he started asking about my family.

I don’t have many friends who do that, usually it’s him or Nat … sometimes my co-worker … but not as much. So it was different when he asked about my sister and her going to grad school and also what my parents are doing these days.

It frightens me a little that our friendship has evolved to what it is now, it’s different … well for me anyways, can’t really speak for him ……….

Anyways … the BBQ was fun, I saw a couple of people I hadn’t seen in ages and caught up with them. Even though I already ate lunch, I forced myself to eat more when I got there because they brought food for 30, but only half showed up.

I felt like such a fatty that day and my stomach was bloated when I got home.

They had games and a pinata there too … unfortuantely only 2 people got to hit it before all the candy came rushing out of it. It was hilarious watching a bunch of 20 something’s running and grabbing candy off the ground. They had a lot of food left over, so everyone took some including me.

Which meant my lunch this week would consist of that, woot woot! There was a guy there, I think it was my friend Reina’s brother. Anyways … he was really nice to meet and talk to. The only thing I wasn’t use to was when we finished eating cake, he offered to throw my plate away.

Usually people don’t do that, hell … I don’t even do that. But it was nice of him to do and he had one firm handshake too, haha. I swear,

I’m hoping she has a good birthday since it’s actually on Tuesday. I’m planning on calling her and wishing her a great birthday … hopefully she picks up because I don’t want to say it on voicemail. She’s one of my best friends and she’s an awesome friend when you really need her.

Hopefully when she’s not busy, she and Reina could stop by the apartment and hang out for a bit.

– A


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  • 1. Tara  |  June.10.2008 at 9:23 am

    If your friend ever teases you about your apartment, you can always tell him you’re a minimalist. 😉

    I’m sure my neighbors can time my visitors by the sound of my vacuum cleaner. Whenever I know someone’s coming over, I have to dig that thing out and give the carpet a much-needed cleaning. As long as that’s done, everything else is easy. But vacuuming is a chore, even with my small apartment.

  • 2. - A  |  June.10.2008 at 3:42 pm

    You know what? That’s actually a great idea … and I am kind of a minimalist too, haha.

    I haven’t started vacuuming … yet anyways. And by the sound of it, it’s not going to be any fun at all, haha.


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